MI Kids Back on Track 27o Grant


For the 2023-24 school year, a grant was awarded to pilot a program that tracks student training and accomplishments. Eaton RESA is spearheading this pilot program and is seeking districts interested in utilizing a tool by which all student learning and support efforts are placed in a digital MILearner Wallet™ , offered through Headstream Technologies. This platform can be used for adult or student learners. The focus of this pilot is students. There is no cost to participate in the pilot program. This is an opportunity to track all student accomplishments. We encourage all districts to apply. Districts participating in the MI Kids Back on Track Program offered through 23g grant dollars will have first priority in the pilot.


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What is MILearner Wallet™

The MILearner Wallet™ is an innovative and user-friendly tool designed to cater to the diverse and multifaceted needs of the complete student. This groundbreaking platform serves as an all-encompassing repository of a student's educational journey, tracking and recording their academic achievements, student assessment scores, as well as their broader academic and nonacademic experiences, including badges, credentials, certificates, and more. Far beyond being a mere data management system, it stands as a dynamic real-time tracking tool, offering valuable resources to educators, tutors, students, and parents.

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How does the MILearner Wallet™ Work?

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The MILearner Wallet™ offers educators, tutors, students, and parents valuable insights into the comprehensive student profile, facilitating tailored support for each student's unique learning requirements. Through the utilization of a centralized digital credential wallet, students can seamlessly import and export all their credentials into and out of the MILearner Wallet™ and gain the ability to personalize their learning journey to align with their distinct educational needs. This streamlined process empowers students to earn badges and micro-credentials, with all relevant information conveniently stored in one accessible location. Easy access is provided through the MILearner Wallet's™ dedicated app.

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