Victoria Cox


Chief Operating Officer


Reach me at - vcox@headstreamtechnologies.com

Victoria has served as Headstream Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer since 2016. She leads the organization’s operations, overseeing employees nationally and internationally, as well as cultivating and attracting top talent. Additionally, Victoria drives the initiatives to develop and implement Headstream Technologies’ systems, processes and procedures to improve the total client and employee experience and drive growth. Her proven record of strong leadership and the ability to create a winning culture promotes and reinforces Headstream Technologies’ core mission of empowering individual potential through innovative solutions.

Prior to joining Headstream Technologies, Victoria held various transformative roles at educational institutes and at a national non-profit organization. For over ten years at Central Michigan University, she was instrumental in leveraging data for use in meaningful business and educational strategies and decision-making opportunities for the charter school department. Her experience and attention to detail made her a key contributor to the development and maintenance of business processes and compliance assurances. Victoria’s pursuit to embrace “data to information, to knowledge” netted her recognition to serve as a pilot group team member for state-level educational reporting requirements initiatives. Additionally, she served as the President and board member for the Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association for over ten years.

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