Why MILearner Wallet™...

Digital badges have the potential to enhance learning outcomes by promoting strategic management of the learning process, encouraging persistence and devoted behavior to learning tasks, and improving learning performance. Imagine what could happen to our state’s academic outcomes if all our young learners—and the educators who are preparing them—were deeply, thoughtfully engaged in choosing their future learning pathways.

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What is MILearner Wallet™...

MILearner Wallet™ is the most advanced, single source, learning data platform on the market today. From individual learning achievements to direct integrations with the market leading learning softwares, assessment providers, to advanced data visualization and performance tracking; MILearner Wallet™ provides a single platform for learning to be managed. 

Students of all ages, professionals in the field and learning organizations alike are, for the first time, able to deeply understand the learning outcomes of the individual to ensure greater alignment with learning needs and increased performance outcomes are possible. 

MILearner Wallet™ combines mobile responsive design, the latest in technology, and advanced analytics to create a learning experience that is truly unmatched in the marketplace today.

Safe and Confidential

When an educational or professional organization is ready to award a credential, the process is managed via a completely secure online interface. Each digital wallet is kept in an encrypted format, so learners can be assured their information can never be stolen or lost.

Portable and Versatile

Our interoperable tools will be learner-focused, so each individual can be in control of his/her own credentials and learning pathways. If a change in vendor is needed, the information can be easily exported and moved.


We’ll establish a registry of credential issuers, so employers can know for certain when a learner has achieved his/her course objectives.


Whether a given set of learning outcomes is based on standards, competencies, or any other success measure, MILearner Wallet™ can adapt seamlessly.


MILearner Wallet™ may contain more than just transcript data. It can include assessments, feedback, evidence, earned CTEs and certifications, work and service experiences. It is truly a hub for planning, adapting, and addressing the lifelong learning needs of educators and students alike.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive user interface makes MILearner Wallet™ a natural fit for all educators, students, and credentialing organizations.

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