Creating Lifelong Learners

The Learner Wallet serves as a digital hub for learners to securely oversee and retrieve their credentials and achievements. By simplifying the credential management process, it encourages lifelong learning. It empowers learners to guide their educational path, boosting their credibility in the job market.

The Learner Wallet goes beyond traditional badges and micro-credentials. It's verifiable, interactive, data-backed, secure, and represents growth. The Learner Wallet opens doors to endless opportunities, creating lifelong learners.

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Offers people the ability to track and manage their credentials, badges, and certificates in a single, virtual location. MILearner Wallet is a strong first step toward greater learning and growth for all.

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Digital credential wallets are the future of lifelong learning and economic opportunity. It’s time we built the infrastructure our state needs to keep pace.

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When learners are empowered to pursue their own academic and career pathways with an emphasis on outcomes, they experience stronger results.

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Professional credentials from all sources are kept in a single digital wallet, ensuring all skills and assets are shared with prospective employers.

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How it works...

Through a single source digital credential wallet, the learner is able to ensure that their learning path is aligned to their unique learning needs. This personalization is vital in shortening the learning curve and increasing outcomes for learners at any level.

Micro-Credentialing and learning path management allow learners to focus on building the foundational skills required to become lifelong learners.

Through the interoperable platform, learners are assured that all credentials can be easily brought into and out of the MILearner Wallet to and from any other participating system or organization.

MILearner Wallet allows ALL learners the ability to access high-quality learning from organizations, institutions, and communities of knowledge. Digital credentials focus on the production of understanding rather than simply the grade on the report card.

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